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Thread: Quantina intelligence...anybody use this EA

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    AnNor Guest

    Default Quantina intelligence...anybody use this EA

    Hello guys....I'm still searching for a good EA and I saw that the most popular sems the one from quantina intelligence. ..anybody use this software? ....any review. is "usable" for newbies???
    Thanks in advance!

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    never heard before , but google had it all.
    seem not quite good one, drawdown nearly 20%, said it's a news ea with low risk, but it seem stop trading since may 2014, based on myfxbook link i've found.

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    just my finding while googling.

    is it usable for newbie ? answer is clear.
    better polish your learning first, dont get too excited by others trading performance.

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    AntonPutna Guest


    I've seen that link, but it is the version 2.0 (2013 or 2014) only.

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    Also, i agree with you: news trading is not for newbies, but this is the trading strategy which is worked and will work only.

    Multiple settings on same news event

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