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Thread: Too late for gold?

  1. Default Too late for gold?

    Hello investors. This is my first post and I just joined today after reading several of the posts. Thanks in advance as I am sure to learn a lot as I don't know a whole lot yet.

    I am trying to understand if if it too late to buy gold. It seems that it should drop, but it keeps going up. Everyone saying to buy gold is trying to sell me gold.

    Is anyone buying a lot of gold? Do you think it is not too late?

    I have a 401k and a couple dividend reinvestments I have had for a decade, but I have never really invested as an individual. The dividend plan is large cap companies that i plan on holding for another 30 years.

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    As long as we have economic uncertainty around the world and the Fed trying to devalue the dollar I think gold will be in bull mode. The best way I've found to play gold is purchasing calls on the SPDR Gold Trust, ticker GLD.

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    My same thoughts. The more govs print money the higher gold will get!

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    My same thoughts. The more govs print money the higher gold will get!

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    Options? I don't want or need to trade options. My understanding is that unless I am writing the options, the time decay will erode gains??/? Help me verify, but that is my understanding.

    Wouldn't it be better to buy the stock outright if you have the money?

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    Not at all, in fact the bull has a lot longer to go. I am way bullish, and I think that I will even be surprised in how high it goes. A few things to consider:

    Gold is very volatile, so 20% or more corrections are normal. One reason for this is that the futures market (which more or less determines the price of gold), is not a heavy traded market; a major player can come in and buy (or sell) and a significant price movement will take place.

    Gold is very emotional; not only do you have gold bugs, but you have fiat money holders wanting to place their paper money in hard currency. Nothing strikes human emotions like cash.

    Check out the commitment of traders reports; this is a GREAT emotional indicator.

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