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Thread: Hypothetically speaking.. (gold advice)

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    Here is a scenario. Say someone here has his 401K into GLD. ALL IN. Say this member is comfy with the all in factor a few times a year, whe he/she finds those (knock on wood) 99% sure bullseyes. So all in is not the concern. The concern is say I/he/she got into GLD when it looked perfect at $88.

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    Now, this person really tries to limit their 401K to the "perfect" looking situations. And being in for this long is tumultuous. Stay or go? And is I/he/she a hog for staying in GLD above possibly $110? Or a wise investor realizing the public (and thanks to India ) is about to dump more money into gold?

    The typical process of this member find the surest looking rising stock, go all in, ride it to a tidy profit, and then get out and move onto the next one.

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    But man even with all of these high percentage gaining stocks, I/she/he'd hate to get out and see GLD at $140 in 2 months.

    Maybe I'll just get out and not watch it for a while? (yeah right :fisheye

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    If you're looking to double up, stay in.

    If you're looking for a profit, sell half now and the rest later.

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