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Thread: Ugly Head and Shoulders Pattern?

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    Is that a big and ugly head and shoulders on the S&P? If it happens, we could see a drop well below 1280 into the summer months.

    I may have to reevaluate my emergency stops.

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    what exactly is a head and shoulders?

    Serious trouble ahead? Think that holds true for many reasons, it is just when..

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    I don't see it yet. At least not ont he daily. We have an inverse head and shoulders that just broke the neck line. We are pulling in to retest that neckline and if it holds we are going higher. We'd have to fail and make a new neck line at one of the pivot lows in order for this recent high to become a head in a regular head and shoulders. I'm just not seeing it right now and it's a major extrapolation to say that it's going to be one. What timeframe chart were you looking at???

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    head and shoulders is one of the most unreliable patterns out there. you're better off flipping a coin on the resolution.

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