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    AMQLes9194 Guest

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    I'm always demo trading something on the sideline.Here is the newest system i'm testing to keep my trading from becoming too boring.It's called forex bullseye have a look you.If you are into systems like this you might find it intresting.

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    AndreyGoork Guest


    dammit so close.3 trades 1 loser 1 breakeven and 1 winner.My third trade went for 27 pips,3 pips more and my profit target would have been hit and i would have closed the day with 45 pips profit but instead i ended up with only 15 pips profit.

    Still it's only the first day i just hope this system does well because i prefer to get my hands dirty every day which i cannot do on the higher timeframes.

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    Anthonyrew Guest


    another winning trade.This is where my fun for the day and week ends.

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    Is this system working?

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