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Thread: What happens after a reverse split?

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    A long time ago, at least 7 or 8 (possibly more)) years ago, I bought into plug power after hearing a news analyst talking about how it was the next big thing. It never went up but I wasn't worried about it, I know markets go up & down. I should state right now that I have NO investing experience other than buying these shares on sharebuilder, so I am totally clueless! A few years ago, the stocks reverse split. So what at the time was worth $800 (still WAY less than I paid) it was then worth $80. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. My shares have gone up, to about $230 right now. My question is, after a company reverse splits, do they ever forward (is that even the right term?) split in the future? I think it stinks to have 800 shares in a company shrink to 80 overnight. It was a gamble on my part & I knew there was a chance I would lose money but at the time I had never even heard of a reverse split. I am down so far right now my only option is to wait and see I guess. I just wanted to know if companies who do this kind of split ever split the right direction! Thank you in advance for answering this question from someone who obviously knows zero about investing!

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    A split does not change your P/L at all. It simply changes the number of the shares you own. Example...a stock trading at .10 a share does a 10/1 reverse the moment it trades after the split the shares open at 1.00....theoretically...assuming that the price hasn't moved.

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    I think it stinks to have 800 shares in a company shrink to 80 overnight.

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    Here is a great video I created on The Misconception Surrounding The Reverse Split.

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