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    Alexandria Guest

    Default High Frequency Trading

    a thread about HFTrading.

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    try too lurk into many online forum but not much i can get, only several general article with general information
    "In 2002, 85% of all stock market trading happened on the New York Stock Exchange and some human being processed every order.[77] The New York Times estimates that 50 percent to 70 percent of all trading in 2014 is done by “traders” who live in server parks by computers that run on Algorithm that executes trades in a fraction of the time that it takes to blink "
    shorted from wikipedia
    hope it would attract some other member to post

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    Read Flashboys by Michael Lewis.
    Easy and cheap to download onto a smartphone.

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    AliceLit Guest


    Mr C - here's a question: for some whose technique involves (if I correctly remember), using volume etc as confirming signals for price action, has the growing importance of dark pools or other off-exchange venues had an impact on your own style?

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    thank's for the lead.
    got the pdf, soon I google it by minutes .
    nice stuff.. this could be my week day reading material.

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