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    Aanlodrinna Guest

    Default Spread?

    Hello all, I currently hold Pike Electric Corporation (PIKE). The last closing price was 14.76$ (03/1/2013) but the ask price is 15.55$(x100) how can there be such a large difference? (bid is 14.00$(x300)). thanks.

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    Well today it's at 14.88$ at 3:10PM and the bid is 14.91$ with the ask at 14.93$.
    Perhaps the computer was at fault? When I tried to up my stop market from 14.00$ to 14.50$
    the computer wouldn't let me do it Friday (3/15/13).

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    The first time you looked at it was it during regular market hours or was it pre market or after market?

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    AchmedOt Guest


    It was during regular market hours. I was logged into TDameritrade when I first looked to change
    the stop loss; I was locking in my 1$ gain

    I looked at it on also and it was similar.

    Well I just logged into TD ameritrade (at 6:56 pm) and looking a the quote I get:
    PIKE Bid: 14.50 Ask: 15.80 Last: 14.78 Chg ($): 0.02 Vol: 197,913

    the computer will not let me up my stop market to 14.50$

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    I get:
    "Your stop market order to sell 500 PIKE, with an activation price of 14.00 could not be replaced because the stop price must be below the current bid for sell-stop orders. "
    I remain confused!

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