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Thread: The best value anti virus software.

  1. Default The best value anti virus software.

    I have issues with my present software company called Reimage. When I run their scan it removes the clutter PLUS programmes that I want to keep. Well that's not acceptable. Although I have been in touch they are reluctant to do anything useful.
    I have tried Avast and found that wanting too.

    Can anyone suggest a good quality one that is not too expensive please ?

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    For virus, look at AVG. For cleaning your registry and disk, look at Wise. All free.

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    haven't had any issues with using the free stuff to keep things ship shape

    I generally use in combo -
    windows defender

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    There is a new virus that's going around that targets adblocker on chrome causing chrome to stop working. Just an FYI

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    Here are my suggestions:
    For a domestic setup with only known trusted users free software is perfectly adequate (other circumstances will require different consideration). Many of the antivirus free offerings are very good – the free ones tend to be of EOD type i.e. you run them as required. Real-time monitoring usually requires real-time money but provided you are not a frequenter of dodgy downloads/links it's not a problem. These should always be used in conjunction with a firewall; despite the antipathy towards Bill Gates the latest Windows firewall is perfectly satisfactory and it's also likely that your router will have a firewall in addition.

    I've always found registry cleaners to be rather troublesome in that they will often clean out files that later affect your PCs operation – not seriously but irritatingly so. When using them you need to be very careful in telling them what can/cannot be got rid of. Much of the "rubbish" that they do clean out is not actually very harmful and if you have a reasonably powerful PC with plenty of memory that is only used for mundane tasks you probably won't notice any performance deterioration if they remain in place.

    AVG – used to use this in the past, had a nice simple interface but subsequent "improvements" started to impinge adversely other software.
    CC cleaner – perfectly good cleanup software but keep it on a short lead otherwise it will get rid of all sorts of stuff that you don't want to get rid of.

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    Installed AVG.
    Thanks . Looks good.
    Can I ask if the free repair bit can be reversed if it removes important programs ?
    Before I try it. The last one removed my MT4 prog but fortunately I could reverse it.

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