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    I was wondering your opinion on "Sell in May" strategy...

    For some reason, I normally dont loose anything in May, but at the same time, I dont make anything either... May is usually Flat for me...

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    I tend to trade as a follower rather than as a leader. In other words, I will let the market decide what I do in May. If the market is selling, I will be looking for buying opportunities. If the market is buying, I will sell when/if I hit my profit target on trades I am in.

    May is just another month. I see no reason to handle May any differently than one would handle any other month.

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    Totally agree with this. Only sell when the company gives you a reason to sell, or for some people, you've reached your price target.

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    As others have said, it is certainly a case by case basis. See how the overall market is acting as well as the stocks you own and stocks on your watchlist and plan accordingly.

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    Selling in May is part of a well known saying in the investment sector.

    'Sell in May but remember to come back in September'

    You can compare this with other factors some people say influences the stock market.

    E.g. More black/grey suits would indicate a negative sentiment on the market

    Of course you should choose yourself if you think that these sayings can be true. In the past I've chosen to sell my shares in May because there isn't as much action going on in the summer months compared with the rest of the year and therefore don't fit with my investment strategy.

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