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Thread: iPhone app for "live" crude price?

  1. Default iPhone app for "live" crude price?

    Hello, market gurus!

    I have been largely unsuccessful in my search for an app (or even a website, for that matter) where spot pricing for WTI crude can be watched, preferably in a graph (or chart?) form. Can anyone make a suggestion?

    The best app I have found thus far is called "Commodities", by MissingStep, with the best website being But I'm sure there must be better ones. I'm perfectly willing to spend good money on an app, if it's the "right" one.

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    The phone app for Thinkorswim works very well.

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    Thanks Actstudio, I'll give it a look! I have an Ameritrade account, and I use their Trader app, but I had not delved into Thinkorswim at all yet.

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    Thinkorswim is about the #1 reason to use TDA. You're missing out on arguably the most advanced retail trading platform available.

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    Hmm. At first look, the Thinkorswim app seems 100% identical to the Trader app. Am I missing something?

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