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    I know that approach is one of the most important things in whatever you do so I'd like to know what the best approach would be for a complete beginner who wants to get into trading. Which books should I read? what sort of software should I get? How much money do I need to get started? Are there any good training sites out there? Is it worth playing around with those stock market simulators? Thanks in advance for the answers and preferably a step by step approach is what I'm looking for

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    If you are into probabilities odds and the sort you might check out It's free and you can create an account without getting a bunch of spam...but account is not required. If nothing else they can teach you a lot about market awareness and how the market works. There are tons of videos in the archives for beginners and onward. They will not try to sell you anything...they are literally just on a mission to teach people to be self directed and make informed decisions.

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    Try using a simulator for real trading like Thinkorswim (TD Ameritrade) just to get a feel of the trading process. For education - watch a bit of Bloomberg and CNBC (but don't believe what they say ) for getting into the lingo and when and how it's used. In terms of books - there are a lot of great books on stocks markets and trading in general, but my top three would be Technical Analysis of the Markets - John J. Murphy; Market Wizards (pay no attention to the name) by Jack D. Schwager and The Essentials of Trading by John Forman. Note - these are books for a beginner, other titles might come in handy once you start forming your trading style.

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