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Thread: The best value anti virus software.

  1. Default The best value anti virus software.

    I have issues with my present software company called Reimage. When I run their scan it removes the clutter PLUS programmes that I want to keep. Well that's not acceptable. Although I have been in touch they are reluctant to do anything useful.
    I have tried Avast and found that wanting too.

    Can anyone suggest a good quality one that is not too expensive please ?

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    For virus, look at AVG. For cleaning your registry and disk, look at Wise. All free.

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    There is a new virus that's going around that targets adblocker on chrome causing chrome to stop working. Just an FYI

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    I was looking for some new free anti-virus software just a week ago and on the recommendation of this review have installed Avira. No issues so far.

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    I recommend Sophos AV Home edition - It's free & whats more can be managed in a cloud based portal, so you can protect friends and family computers (if you wanted to burden yourself with that

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