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Thread: Trading company financial results and updates

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    Just an idea i'm messing around with at the moment on a demo account, So thought I would do it on here and see how it goes.

    I will be trading UK + US companies, 1-3 days before their financial results are released, trying to judge if their results will be negative or positive. Will try to stick to companies that I know. There won't be a huge amount of science behind this, if this succeeds it will be down to sound risk management rather then any substantial form of fundamental analysis.

    As for risk management.. I have opened a a demo account (plus 500) with $20,000 and will aim to maximize my losses to $500 on any one trade, although I appreciate that stocks can gap overnight, especially when results are released, however this could work both ways.

    Stop losses, keep it simple. I will aim to place them above/below a previous weeks lows/highs.

    Thats pretty much it. Lets see how it goes. Any input and opinions welcome.

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    Going to have a look at these this morning and see what I can come up with.

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    Premier oil makes for pretty negative reading at the moment. Mostly around the continued slump in oil prices. Also some talk of delays in their North Sea oil program. So to get things rolling...

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    Not into stocks /shares etc - but notice Shoezone on your list. I am good friends with the Smith Family and Charles Smith the joint CEO I have know for 14 years .

    I ought to give him a ring and find out what's going on - I thought it was still a private company with the Smith owning over 50% of shares - trouble is he's now living in South Wales and I have not seen him for over 10 months or so.

    They had over 700 stores if I remember correctly and of course the market is all at cheap end - so in the difficult economy I would have though they still might be doing well etc

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    Yes, i was thinking the same. They have a store in Streatham Hill and one in Croydon (where I've just moved too) which always see to be busy. However they aren't quoted by plus 500 demo account so won't be able to trade them.

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