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Thread: American International Group, Inc. (AIG)

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    I want to know what everybody thinks about AIG. I read on bloomberg Aig will buy out Fuji Fire and Marine Insurance Co. for 47 billion($563 million).

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    I'm speculating that their stock should increase if they buy them out.
    Back in 09 when they sold their Tokyo real estate and their stock decreased.

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    i'll watch it some more and see how things go.

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    I don't think AIG is a reputable business, and god only knows what the tangled web of accounting trickery will reveal in the long run. treat it as a trade, maybe, but i would highly recommend not investing in AIG. i would speculate a large purchase would decease the stock price.

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    Yeah, there are some stocks I stay away from due to political reasons,
    this AIG would most likely be one of them, and that's putting it real nice.

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