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Thread: CYNX - CelLynx Group, Inc.

  1. Default CYNX - CelLynx Group, Inc.

    This company will rock in 2010 - ABSOLUTELY ROCK!

    See the new Analyst report at "Investrend Equity Research on CelLynx Group"

    google the text between the above quote marks

    this is a well written report with a balanced view THIS IS NOT a pumpy pos

    feedback please, Thanks

    Excerpts below --

    CelLynx Group, Inc., headquartered in Mission Viejo, California, is a
    pioneering company with a very unique product designed to alleviate a
    very common consumer complaint: poor cell phone reception in many
    homes and moving cars.

    Key Points:

    - Moving from product development to production – The company has
    completed its pilot production run, and the units have been qualified.
    Commercial production has already started. With these two milestones
    passed, CYNX is now eligible to receive the first of a series of License fees
    paid by Dollardex, Inc.

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    Production started – Initial production of the 'Road Warrior' unit has
    commenced and the contract manufacturer is beginning to fill the
    previously mentioned 10,000-unit initial order.

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    A market need – Weak signal strength can be caused by destructive
    interference of the signals from local towers in urban areas, or by the
    construction materials used in some buildings causing rapid attenuation of
    signal strength. Large buildings such as warehouses, hospitals and
    factories often have no usable signal further than a few feet from the
    outside walls.

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    We believe the following factors could serve as catalysts triggering broader
    awareness across the mainstream investment community regarding CYNX.

    - Operating results – To date, the company has been a development stage
    company; There have been no sales and no material revenues.

    - “Perceived Need” – Dropped calls and weak signal are among the
    biggest complaints that cell phone providers receive from their customers.
    Weak signals in rural areas, and blocked signals from building materials
    used in offices and institutions demonstrates the need for repeater
    products. The low cost of installation and portability of the CelLynx
    product gives it unique advantages in that market environment.

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    Interesting trading... looks like large buyers are taking positions for what will be a strong performer this year IMO

    I would expect news soon - I've heard that the initial 10,000 units ordered are sold out - so we'll see

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