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Thread: Fastest source of news?

  1. Default Fastest source of news?

    I'm looking into the best source of news out there, but I'm at a loss as to what to go for. I am specifically looking for a source that announces mergers & acquisitions.

    My current experience:

    - RSS feeds: good, solid way of getting (free!) dedicated info you can manually sort as you please. The con is that there can be a delay of up to 5-10 minutes and that's critical.

    - Bloomberg Terminal: I haven't looked too much into this, but the cost is prohibitively high. Still, is it a good source?

    - Paid news sites: Hard to tell. The ones I saw didn't have a trial period so I couldn't try them out.

    What do the experts here have to say?

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    CNBC and Bloomberg are the best news source that I use. I listen to Bloomberg radio everyday, and watch CNBC sometimes. They are both very good.

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    I use them on Twitter, via my cell phone.

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    Bloomberg terminal is the way to go if you want to be "professional".

    Interactive Brokers has something similar but much cheaper also called IBIS.

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    Bloomberg and Reuters are great and have info about all different kinds of trading.

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