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Thread: Flags, Pennants - my interpretation

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    I'd like to post my strategy, which utilises flags and pennants, although I have probably bent the rules a little and so would like some feedback on whether what I am doing is valid. Thanks.

    In this first trade, price was in an uptrend, a new high formed, then price pulled back in a flag-type formation (a pole was in evidence). I like it when price action accompanies these signals and here we had a small pin bar at the end of the retracement. Buying the breakout of resistance would prove to be a good move.

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    In another example of a bull flag (my interpretation), on the German Bund chart, we can see perhaps the start of an uptrend, there must be at least one month's of buying for me to consider a signal.

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    Another example, this time of a pennant.

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    And just to complete the set, a bear flag. Would like to hear any comments you wish to make. Thanks.

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